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The Roundup

Each week, I dedicate a few hours to catching up on all the industry news and updates related to my industry. I consider this an essential part of my job, as I need to be up to date with the latest, in order to advise my clients on what's going on.



I read from a wide variety of sources and topics, to ensure I get a good spread of new news. 

I thought I would share what I found interesting this week, in case it helps others who can't dedicate the same amount of time to uncover content that rocks. 

The Why Before the Why

5 Ways to Listen Better   - short TED video, great tips! 

Facebook Retargeting -  157 Point Guide and 12 Ideas for Sweet Results

The Only 3 Types of Writing that People Actually Want to Read   - writing that entertains, educates or inspires gets attention

Are you Listening? - really interesting article that argues, probably rightly so, that most people are just hearing as opposed to actively listening. 

Hope you found something interesting or thought provoking in there!