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How to make your online and offline strategy work harder for you

I hear a lot of people talking about digital or social only marketing strategies. Now obviously, we are totally on board with this, however, if you're not dragging the online offline, or vice versa, you're missing out on a heap of opportunities to grow your audience and brand. Not to mention that offline is still of particular importance to many industries, such as Real Estate for example.


At the end of the day however, the consumer doesn't think in terms of 'online' and 'offline' communications. They just want to be able to recognise and engage with you seamlessly, wherever they happen to be. 

Consider the following; 

  • You have an amazing new look and feel across your offline marketing communications. Your brochure, business cards, car wraps and office signage look amazing. But did you also make sure to design social media and website assets, to ensure a seamless user experience across platforms? 
  • While we're at it, did you include your website and social media links on all the print materials?
  • Are you using the same slogans and campaign messages across everything? 
  • If you've placed any ads offline, have you used the same keywords across your digital efforts? This is particularly important from an SEO and SEM perspective. 
  • Are you taking the opportunity to ask your audience when they're offline at events, in store or after concluding a meeting, to leave a review, share an image or simply like your page? A lot of businesses use competitions offline to encourage more conversation online. 

These are just a few ideas to ensure your offline efforts are helping to drive online, and vice versa. We can work with you to not only create and execute a digital marketing strategy, but can also advise how your offline might work in synergy to reach your customers more efficiently. Contact us today to discuss how.