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Ban the (bad) ad

Here's something I came across the other day from one of my favourite cartoonists, Tom Fishburne. 

annoying digital marketing ads

It's based on a Nielsen Norman's study into the most hated advertising techniques used today. 

As someone who lives and breathes digital marketing, this is quite upsetting. I agree wholeheartedly that there's nothing worse than clicking through to an article you're interested in, only to have an ad take over half your page. But, I bet that if that ad was for a product you're genuinely interested in, then you would be willing to give it a chance and click through. That is, when the ad is targeted correctly. 

If content is king (and it is), then targeting must surely be queen. 

Gone are the days (well, I hope?) where you would splash a giant A4 across every magazine and newspaper in the hopes that someone would find your brand new wool that promises to shed less fibre.

There's a reason why the internet has been called the connector of hyper-personalised tribes. If you have an interest, you can bet that others do too, and they've probably already congregated online and made a forum, subreddit, blog or Facebook group about it. And they're willing and ready to let you in. You know who else they're willing to let in? Advertisers who actually talk their language. So suddenly, that new brand of wool has a ready made Facebook group made up entirely of knitting lovers to tap into! 

I can almost guarantee you that an ad with the right creative, right offer and targeted correctly, even if it uses a technique from the above cartoon, will see a good response rate. Want to know how? Talk to me today