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Is Facebook Insights trying to tell you something?

Is Facebook Insights trying to tell you something?

Spoiler; Yes, yes it is! One of the things I've noticed about people working on community management or social media for their company is, they don't always check the Insights tab on Facebook. This could be for a variety of reasons, but the most common I've found are;

  • I don't have the time
  • I just manage the posts, planning and reporting are someone else's job
  • Huh? What insights tab? 

So, being a complete data geek (seriously), I can spend a fair bit of time with insights. I understand everyone doesn't feel the same. Why bother? After all, you see

How to create a killer content strategy

Hands up if any of this sounds all too familiar;

  •  You excitedly start a new Facebook page for your hobby business. Everyone must know about these cute bows you sell! Two weeks in, you have 25 likes, zero engagement on any posts (hello- is anyone out there??) and you have no idea if any of this effort is actually translating into sales
  • You’ve been tasked with managing the work twitter account. You signed up, set up the profile pics and bio, followed a few people and now…what?
  •  You pushed the company to start a business blog, but now that you’re a few weeks in, you’ve run out of ideas. Worse, you’re not sure if it’s effecting traffic, let alone sales.